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Environmentally friendly concept cabins from sustainable materials. Just as much as one needs - a warm, cozy shelter without losing the connection to the nature around you. Versatile, yet designed with a purpose.

Imagine having it next to your house like your home office?

Home office cabin
tiny house cabin

Such a nice tiny house next to the lake or into the woods? Or maybe at the seaside?

Take a look!


Definitely perfect fit for family holidays in countryside or leisurely weekend with friends

weekend house cabin
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Concept Cabin based on our experiences

Everything is simple by choosing NordCabin. No need to break your head through, we have used only the best and proved solutions. The concept is made in prime quality, features, and performance. The product is cherished like for ourselves. Our Tiny Houses in 3 different sizes and complectations meets demands and wishes for our customers. We stand for quality in used materials, fast construction time and affordable prices. That simple is our cabin concept.

CLT and Recycled CLT base constructions

When you see and enter our Concept Cabins you got that fundamental feeling. Yes, you would feel it. CLT constructions are durable and provide more strength and hardiness. More over CLT is environment friendly and sustainable material. Also even more affordable and greener version is Recycled CLT option (more about Recycled CLT in section ReCLT). This is a perfect example of ECO&ECO - (ECOnomic & ECOlogic) principle. Both aspects have equal significance. And this is how an environmentally friendly approach helps to keep our Tiny Houses more affordable and still environmentally friendly.

Offsite production benefits

Concept Cabins are fully built in our factory. Offsite production leads many benefits of building process. It is quality, money saving, less impact to environment, healthy and safety, optimization of the material usage, less waste and more on. Also huge benefit is time – fast construction and no worries about process. We manage your tiny house production from its concept to completion.

Forget about complicated building process

..we will take care of it 
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