Recycled CLT base structure option

Environment matters. We are the first cabin producer to provide a full Recycled CLT base structure option.  

Advantages of ReCLT 


ReCLT is a structural material produced either from waste generated in the process of CLT production or dismantled CLT buildings.


ReCLT reduces costs of CLT construction.


​ReCLT extends the lifecycle of CLT products maximizing the period the CO2 is stored.

ReCLT in NordCabin

We provide 3 sustainable options:

Full CLT
The cutoffs generated in the process will be recycled and used for other projects.

CLT+ ReCLT hybrid
We use ReCLT only for the parts that are not exposed and will be covered with other materials.

Full ReCLT
Both in exposed and covered version with plastered interior surfaces.

Recycled CLT cabin

More about Recycled CLT:

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