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Guess you already have a vision of where to place your Nordcabin. When the decision is made, the next steps will be very easy, start with contacting us and let's start the process.

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Qualities of NordCabin

Well-considered Concept 

Well considered concept with the best materials embedded. It doesn't tend to be more easier - delivered it is ready to use, to discover your perfect space for best feelings and surroundings.

Production Quality Control

All production processes lead by strong quality control. Production in control of the environment, time and processes. All is planned to the smallest detail to deliver the most precious cabin.


Prioritizing used materials, quality and responsible approach to environment we got fundamental concept. Nordic timber, CLT constructions, structural windows, definitely it is built to last.

Responsible resource usage

Production with minimal impact to the environment. Sustainability and responsible approach to used resources. We support innovative solutions for more sustainability, like Recycled CLT, an option that makes our cabins unique.

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