NordCabin, Concept cabin of 30m2


starting from 40 700 €

Nothing excess, just your preferences

Being in nature or even viewing scenes of nature surrounds positive vibes and makes us feel better.


Getaway from the city with your loved one will satisfy and re-energize. You two and the nature surrounding. Feel that connection of power within and around.

NordCabin 30m2 interior

Tiny house or Holiday House, it is your choice

Tiny House NC 30 is in size between, not too small and not too big, you can adapt what the best fits for you. It could be nice guest house next to your house or our Tiny House somewhere in the nature, countryside or seaside. Both options will be excellent. Last years Tiny House popularity is rapidly growing and Cabin concept getting more demanded. And there are no questions NordCabin is perfectly made for you to own greatest concept for your convenience.

Make your dreams about cabin come true

Tiny house or Holiday House of 30 m2 for your dreams, calm and peace. It is more than perfect space for delicious weekend brunch - enjoy your coffee, nature around and best company. Also perfect for your guests. Concept of cabin already is fundamental, just some minimal touches and it becomes your favorite place. Interior by your choice and desires, you can create it like you wish.

Minimalist interior design

A minimalist interior design is a great look for homes of all shapes and sizes, but especially tiny homes. Using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. Make that deep feeling about your place, your adorable Weekend Home or lovely Tiny House. Give that character to your Cabin, make it alive. Simple forms and shapes, environmentally friendly materials, minimal interior walls, large windows and lights. It all perfectly matches together for beautiful days and nights.

garden office



home office




 holiday house

weekend house