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Tiny House like Home Office or Guest House

Tiny House from NordCabin is like a canvas - a fundamental core and your touch. Be free make it as Home Office or Guest House.

Whether is a professional place or a private space, it is a special just for you, your thoughts, and your wellbeing. Think wider, run away from the everyday rush, meet your muse, generate new ideas or work hard. It is your place, your time, your rules.

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Tiny House - add value to your private space

Tiny House or Tiny Home is a good option for Home Office or Guest House next to your house. Lately when remote work is getting more popular, everyone is looking for perfect spot for work from home. In that case we have designed Tiny House NC 20. Perfect space for your Home Office, environmentally friendly and from sustainable materials. And it is in your yard, no need to take a drive to the work. What’s more, not only Home Office, even great Guest House next to your house or maybe playroom for children. Scandinavian minimalism in design, quality in materials and you can design interior by your choice. Make it cozy and comfy for you or for your quests, like your tiny dream come true.

Tiny House movement

Have you heard of Tiny House movement? It is an architectural and social movement, getting more popular lately, based on minimal living, smaller living areas and less consumption. Also encourages living an easier life in a smaller space. Concept Cabin NC 20 will be perfect, sustainable, and environmentally friendly option to join Tiny House movement. It is a lifestyle choice. 

Reduce carbon footprint

We do care about people and our planet; we prove it in building process and used materials. By choosing our Tiny House, you choose options we prefer for ourselves and easy living. All our Concept Cabins are beautifully designed allowing anybody to live meaningful and comfortable by choosing environmentally friendly options. Recycled CLT Tiny House is even more sustainable, build from CLT cutoffs, usually chipped or burned.  No one will remain indifferent, especially those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Using sustainable materials leads to less waste, less energy consumption and landfill waste. Tiny houses with solar panels have an even smaller carbon footprint.

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